RIAC Conditions at Mel Price 29JAN

Most of the ice that was in the ILR below Peoria flowed down and into the UMR over the weekend. Yesterday morning most of that ice was jamming up above Mel Price lock and traffic there was at a standstill. Several lite boats worked overnight to loosen the ice so the lock operators could get it moving through the dam. Special thanks to the Kent Furlong, James L Hamilton and Titletown who helped to get things going. At daylight this morning, Mel Price started locking a group of 7 SB tows. 7 SB and 6 NB tows in the queue. The Roberta Tabor is assisting SB tows into the lock. Still 100% ice coverage at the Alton Highway bridge, the ice is thinning out some below Grafton. No ice Lock 25 to Grafton.