RIAC – Lock 19 Update

I've talked with the Corps & the contractor working at Lock 19 and things are more optimistic today but there could still be issues. Below is a summary.

Preparation work is underway for the necessary modifications to the lower miter gate hydraulic cylinders which involves core drilling through the 42" thick concrete lock wall / gate recess.

The parts necessary for the cylinder modifications are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, 28-Feb.

The Corps & the Contractor believe they can get the parts installed on the cylinders and working by sometime on 2-March, allowing the Lock to cycle and lock traffic on 3-March.

The problems / complications are that this leaves no time to test, calibrate and troubleshoot any issues with the new control system and cylinders prior to passing traffic. These tasks will have to be done "on the fly" and any gremlins in the system will have to be dealt with on an case by case basis. There may be miscellaneous delays for work to the Lock.

Bottom line: If everything goes swimmingly, Lock 19 should open on 3-March but keep in mind there may be intermittent delays as the Corps & Contractor "tweak" the system.

For info as we know it.

Thank You,

Casey M. Herschler
Canton Marine Towing Company
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