RIAC Mel Price and Lock 27 Queues & Ice Couplings Jan 27 2023

ICE Couplings: Recommended now, required when ice conditions are affecting double lockages getting their break couplings back together.

I assume industry is on board with following what the ILR locks have been doing? – Vessels in the queue without ice couplings will need to drop their turn until the queue is empty or the ice dissipates enough that it doesn’t impact break coupling re-assembly?

Locking efficiency:

There was at least one instance yesterday where Lock 27 was ready for the next SB tow and that tow was not on the wall ready, but instead some distance above the lock still making an approach.

Lock 27 is in a calm water canal, I wouldn’t expect anyone to take unacceptable risks, but if your Captains, crews and safety professionals can agree that crews could safely remove some of the break coupling rigging while waiting on the wall for their turn to lock, or finish rigging their break coupling after departing the lock it would help with reducing delays for the large queue that is waiting.

This morning Mel Price is locking SB, they will continue until there are two NB tows in queue then start locking NB until the NB group coming up from lock 27 is clear

Lock 27 is locking NB, they will continue until the NB queue is clear or about noon tomorrow, whichever is first, then change back to SB

Queue Sheet #1

Queue Sheet #2

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