RIAC Mississippi River Dredge Surveys Mile 103 and 115 UMR

Here are the new surveys for Manskers and Farmers Landing. Overall just a slight improvement at Manskers, and more so at Farmers. I’ve made comments on the attached survey plots. Based on these surveys, Manskers will definitely be the priority for the Dredge Jadwin.


Manskers, mile 103 UMR: Recommend favoring the red buoys, and stay off the green buoy at mile 103. From the red buoy line, for at least 400-ft width of channel, controlling depth is 6.4-ft below LWRP. Referencing the Chester gage, 9-ft depth would equal a 2.2 on the gage. This is a slight improvement as the previous survey showed 5-ft. The warning with regards to the green buoy is that that there is a 4.6-ft sounding inside the green buoy which will be 9-ft depth at 4 on the Chester Gage.


Farmers Landing, Mile 115 UMR: Recommend following the sailing line or slightly to the left descending side. The channel is at least a 400-ft wide with 8-ft at LWRP. There is a 6.1-ft sounding 200-ft right of the sailing line. The previous survey showed 5-ft on the sailing line.


LWRP at Chester = -0.4.

Attached are the following preliminary hydrographic surveys:


Mississippi River Pre-Dredge Surveys – Miles 115.7 to 115.0 and 103.2 to 102.2