RIAC: Request for River Closure, UMR Mile 182.6

09/02/2022: Request for River Closure

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I am assuming industry is ok with this 24 hour closure starting at noon Friday since we’ve done it before and the Potter has a lot more work on his list

If anyone feels different please let me know


Bernard Heroff


Here is the pre-dredge survey at mile 182.6 UMR where a boat reported bumping earlier this week. Controlling depth appears to be around 6.9-ft at LWRP, right of the sailing line. Add 5-ft to get actual water depth when this was ran on 29 August. Last time we dredged in here we requested a 24 hour channel closure for the safety of the dredge.


The Dredge Potter is at the Service Base performing repairs to the leading edge of the dustpan and replacing the stern swivel bearing on the pipeline. Scheduled to depart on Friday morning. For scheduling purposes, I would like to do this job at mile 182.6 when the Potter departs on Friday. The 24 river closure for dredging would start at noon on Friday, 2 September 2022.


Please let me know if this river closure is acceptable or if there any issues that need to be discussed. If there is concurrence, I will put out an NTNI.


In addition, I have a three line survey for the St. Louis harbor coming in probably tomorrow, and will review for other potential shallow areas such as mile 181 that was reported shallow.


Lance Engle

Dredging Project Manger