RIAC: Revised Dates for Removal/Float-in of Merchants Railroad Bridge Mile 183.2, UMR


Considering the forecasted dry weather and descending river stages, the contractor has determined that delaying the Merchants Bridge Span 3 lifts beyond Friday, August 26th would jeopardize the ability to replace within the current scheduled timeframe.

The have modified their plan to lift the old span out on Wednesday, August 24th and lift the new one on Friday, August 26th. They will still close the track and start the track outage on August 24th. This change results in the following acceleration to the schedule:

August 23rd, Tuesday: (No changes)

Track Coordination:
Move gantry carriage and strands/ jacks upstream to a position near the WB track, outside of track envelope.Temp power for navigation lights

River Coordination:
3 to 4 hour closure of the primary and secondary channels to move the new truss span from the mooring area on the right descending bank to the left descending bank and rotate it 180 degrees in the calmer waters near the Illinois Bank. We can discuss this with the lock operator.

August 24th , Wednesday:

Track Closure: Close Track at 6 AM, starts 10-Day Closure
Remove Existing Span 3 Truss
Start Bearing pad work.

River Closure:
6 AM, first 24 hour Mississippi River MO bank Channel closure at the right descending channel between Piers 3 and 4 for the existing truss span removal.
After landing span on barges, we’ll moor the old span on the right descending bank about 2000 ft downstream of the bridge where we built the new trusses.

Day Time: 10 hour closure of the secondary channel between piers 2 and 3 to aid in positioning the truss and equipment

August 25th ,Thursday:

Track Closure - 24 hours:
Respace the strand/ jacks for new truss
Continue Concrete Bearing Pad Work,

River Closure: None Anticipated

August 26th , Friday:

Track Closure – 24 hours:
Continue Concrete Bearing Pad Work and cure
Lift New Truss Span 3 to Pier top Elevation and hold

River Closure:
6 AM, second 24-Hour MO Channel Closure of the Right Descending Channel for the truss float-in.
Between 6AM and 8 AM, We’ll need an hour to move the new truss span from the left descending bank (IL) to right descending channel. We’ll coordinate this with the lock operator.

Day Time: 10 hour closure of the secondary channel between piers 2 and 3 to aid in positioning the truss and equipment
August 27th & August 28th (Saturday & Sunday):

Track Closure: 24 hours per Day

River Coordination: Dependent upon Construction Activities, no river closures needed. Request restriction of Navigation in the right descending channel due to potential construction activities.

August 29th (Monday)

Track Closures: 24 hours
Move Truss to final position and lower onto bearing pads
Install ballast covers
Weld Bearings

River Closure:
None anticipated

August 30th to September 2nd, (Tuesday to Friday):

Track Closures: 24 hours per day until ready to reopen track
Weld Bearings
Install Ballast covers
Install Permanent Navigation Power
Connect & Ballast Trackwork.

River Closures: No river restrictions anticipated.

With river elevations forecasted at Pool 1.0 on August 25th, Walsh considers this schedule the most responsible course of action.


Questions, please advise.


Thank you,


David Orzechowski

Coast Guard Bridge Branch