RIAC UM249 Survey

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A new survey for UM249 is attached, there is some shoaling on the greens here.

USCG will be removing the red currently displaying on the buoy layer about UM249.1 the survey shows it is unnecessary

Pathfinder running north of STL next week

Also attached, a Rosepoint .nob file with the USACE channel coordinates (bottom of this email) displayed as buoys, looks like the following ( again the close red just above UM249 should be removed after next Tuesday’s update) :

I’ve asked Lance to broadcast AIS ATONs here as well


Bernie Heroff
Port Captain,

Survey results for mile 249 UMR show a right descending shoal at mile 249.2 to 248.8 UMR with 9-ft depth at minimum pool, 50-ft right of the sailing line at mile 248.9 UMR. Channel width is a least 600-ft and controlling depth at minimum pool is 9.5-ft at approximately mile 249.15 UMR, 180-ft left of the sailing line. Coordinates marking the 9-ft contour, left and right side of the channel are attached. I plan to have the Pathfinder run north next week and they can add buoys at this location and check on a few other locations as well. We should be able to broadcast AIS-Atons at this location. If you think it would be beneficial, just let me know.

The survey is attached and all depths shown are at minimum pool. The water level was 1-ft above minimum pool, so add 1-ft to get actual depth at time of survey.

The screen capture below are the coordinates in the attached text file, shown on top of the survey.


Lance Engle
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