RIAC – UMR Lock & Buoy Openings

As info,

Green flag to the mid

Locks 21 and 22 opening 1300 today

In St Paul District per Lee Nelson:

All Locks in the St. Paul District can be operational next Monday, March 6, 2023. Locks 3 &4 were scheduled to open on March 13th, but with milder temps the work will be completed early.

Lake Pepin ice information here (19 to 21 inches thick for about five miles) : https://www.mvp.usace.army.mil/Missions/Navigation/Ice-Measurements/

1-March UMR Lock / Buoy update:

Bouys: Pathfinder is presently running from STL to Lock 22.

Scioto is will be working Keokuk south to Lock 22 on 6-March. Then will then work Keokuk to Lock 11 strating 16-March.

Locks 24 & 25 are open.

Locks 21 & 22 will open on schedule at 13:00 on Thursday, 2-March. Due to the delays, commissioning of the new mule rails, mules, sheaves, etc. will need to be done on the fly, starting with Lock 22. The same personnel are required to commission both locks so they must be done one at a time and require 3 tows, per lock.

Lock 22 will be pulling cuts to start with and if all is good, locking should be as normal. Currently 10 NB doubles and 1 lite boat in queue.

Lock 21 will require a helper boat to pull cuts until sometime Friday morning. Time is TBD.

Lock 19 is on schedule to open Friday, 3-March. The parts have arrived and been installed, and they were testing the system / cycling the gates today.

Locks 15, 13 & 12 on schedule to open on 3-March.

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