River Rises Anticipated through Next Week

Weather Event: Unseasonably Warm Temperatures and Upcoming Rainfall Event

Impacts: River rises on Allegheny and Upper Ohio Rivers 11⁄2 to 3 feet.

Confidence: Medium to High

Forecast highlights:

  • Rain will spread across the region today producing 0.25 inches to around 1.00 inches of
    rain. The ground across the region is wet from the recent rain will result in runoff into area rivers and streams.
    Temperatures across the region will also remain well above normal with more seasonal temperatures not
    impacting the area until Thursday night.
  • Temperatures have aided significantly in ice melt on area rivers and streams. Also, on the middle and Upper
    Allegheny as well as a number of it’s tributaries the ice has begun to move. Combined with the projected rainfall,
    ice will begin continue to move out as well as melt/rot.

Impacts: Broken ice moving on the navigable sections of the Allegheny and Upper Ohio rivers, and to an extent
the Lower Monongahela river, should not pose a significant hazard to navigation or lock operations.

For latest Official forecasts at all points see: http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/forecasts.php?wfo=pbz
For ensemble forecasts: http://www.weather.gov/erh/mmefs