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The River School educates on the benefits of limited geographic licensing for boat captains. Current towing license structure has two major "paths" leading to either a full route (Western Rivers) for line haul operations, or a limited route (defined by river mile marker numbers up to 100 miles, with not more than three segments) for harbor/fleeting work.

Net effect is that Master (Limited) requires either 2.5x or 3x the service (depending upon the path chosen) compared to pre-2001. Master (limited) requires 1.5 the service time undergoing on board training as Mate/Pilot for Western Rivers.

Recognizing that repetition and experience on a relative short route should count, Coast Guard Eighth District policy -- which is not national policy -- allows some compression of service time for limited "geographic" area towing licenses but requires additional documentation and further limits the limited route to either 25 or 50 river miles.

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River School (The)
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