River Trading Company, LTD.


River Trading Company has specialized in marketing and servicing the coal requirements from the largest utilities to the smallest local industrial facilities. Through its strategically located river terminals, RTC can merchandise coal and other products throughout the U.S. and internationally. River Trading ships over 2 million tons of coal to its large customer base each year.

River Trading’s companies have evolved from owning coal mines, river docks, and barge services into one of the country’s leading coal/energy marketing, trading, and dock-management firms.  RTC and its affiliates have a physical presence at 7 locations in MN, IA, WV, and OH.

  • Docks Creek – MP 6.4 Big Sandy River / Full-service coal and material handling facility near Huntington, WV
  • Cincinnati Bulk Terminals – MP 472.1 Ohio River / River-truck-rail transfer and storage / Full-service dry bulk, break bulk, general cargo and steel handling facility
  • Port of Cincinnati – MP 472.4 Ohio River / Specializes in loading and unloading break bulk materials
  • River Services – MP 856.8 Upper Mississippi River / Rivers Services has the experience and equipment to handle your product professionally, quickly, and economically
  • Muscatine Dock – MP 451 Upper Mississippi River / Primarily unloads and ships coal in the state of Iowa. There is 30 acres of storage and has the capability to unload barges to the storage area (250,000 tons)

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River Trading Company, LTD.
Todd Penrod, VP Business Development
559 Liberty Hill
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 651-9444

Alan Johnston, Vice President
Docks Creek, LLC
2625 US Route 52 South
Kenova, WV 25530
(304) 453-4000