Sabine Pass Port Authority

The Sabine Pass Port Authority is a shallow water port
located 5 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Shrimping and
commercial fishing are the key markets for the port, and
recreational fishing is also popular at the port’s safe harbor
marina. The port also provides a vessel slip that services the
Jefferson County Maritime Division. Access to the port is
provided via Sabine Pass.


  • Road-Highway Connection to SH 87
  • Barge-Direct access to GIWW (M-10,M-69)
  • Air-24 Miles to Jack Brooks Regional Airport
  • Pipeline-Connections available

New Construction

Construction is ongoing for a pier extension project to
add 465 feet of docking space to serve a new private,
commercial development south of the existing port. The
port is also expanding and purchasing land for future
laydown yards for barge loading/offloading and marine
vessel repair. The port is seeking opportunities to diversify
and expand its commercial capabilities to include LNG and
to allow service to more barge traffic.

Major Commodities

  • Exports-Petroleum & Crude Materials
  • Imports-Manufactured Equipment & Machinery, and Petroleum


Sabine Pass Port Authority

Mark Viator, Port Director
Sabine Pass Port Authority
5960 S. 1st Ave P.O. Box 318
Sabine Pass, Texas 77655
(409) 350-3998