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IRPT 2020 Conference: April 20-22 in Little Rock, Arkansas

Safety, Training, and Vessel Auditor: Northport, Alabama

Safety, Training, and Vessel Auditor: Northport, Alabama

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As the Safety and Training Auditor, you will be responsible for the implementation, assessment and evaluations of vessel safety training processes, controls and practices in accordance with State/Federal regulations, the Parker Towing Company certified Towing Safety Management System and other company safety management programs.


  • Performing safety training and drills on-board Parker Towing Company vessels as directed by the Administrative Services Department.
  • Participate in the development of new programs, policies, and procedures to enhance the overall company safety culture.
  • Perform Internal Vessel Audits as required by the Parker Towing, Safety Management System.
  • Present training and compliance briefs to all employees.
  • Standardize safety training procedures and processes across the vessel fleet.
  • Be able to work closely with management, boat crew and dock workers to ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable training evaluation process.
  • Work with USCG, third party auditors and other regulatory agencies regarding certifications training and compliance issues.
  • Other duties as assigned by Parker Towing Company management group.


  • Must possess strong verbal and written English communications skills.
  • Must be able to live and work on Parker Towing Company vessels for extended periods of time as required.
  • Must have strong computer skills and understanding of Microsoft Word /Excel and other potential programs related to the towing and barge industry.
  • Ability to travel, participate in industry conferences, training and certification courses as required.

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