Safety Zone ILR 19.5-21

Date: 11/14/2022 thru 11/18/2022

Please distribute as needed. Attached is the safety zone for a power line crossing on the ILR mm 19.5-21. The safety zone is written for Mon-Fri of next week, but will be cancelled after the project is complete. It is scheduled for Monday from 8am to 5pm though if there are any delays it may last longer. No vessels will be allowed to transit through the safety zone while it is in effect and may be subject to a fine if they do. The contractor has agreed that they will not conduct any work from 1100-1200 and vessels will be able to transit through the zone during that time. The Coast Guard will issue SMIBs when the zone is being enforced and then when the waterway has opened during the scheduled period as well as when the safety zone is cancelled. Please contact the Coast Guard if you need any additional information, thank you.


MSTC Nate Dibley
USCG Sector Upper Mississippi River