SCF Marine

SCF keeps cargoes moving. We provide integrated logistics and barge transportation services on the U.S. Inland Waterways and in South America.  Our investments go beyond those of an operator as we actively invest in infrastructure projects either directly or in joint venture partnerships.

We provide customers with supply chain solutions using our fleet of barges and towboats, inland terminals and loading facilities, warehousing and storage distribution centers, fleeting operations, and shipyard and dock services.

With our unique combination of marine transportation assets and terminal, fleeting and shipyard infrastructure, we’re able to provide a reliable and efficient service for shippers of bulk and general cargo, liquid and containerized cargoes.

With a focus on safety and compliance, and a dedication to customer service that goes above and beyond the expected, our people make and maintain our reputation.

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SCF Marine
Rick Barbee
Tom Horgan
727 North 1st Street Suite 600
St. Louis, MO 63102
(314) 827-3104