Senior Welder (Caruthersville MO, Ashland TN, Steel AL, Newton IA-New wage and Sign-on Bonus)

Arcosa Lightweight is accepting applications for a Senior Welder (Caruthersville, MO)



Arcosa Marine is searching for a Senior Welder in our Caruthersville, MO barge plant.

Arcosa Marine is a leading U.S. manufacturer of barges that transport dry and liquid cargoes on inland waterways. Arcosa Marine manufactures tank barges that carry petroleum and other refined products, chemicals, fertilizer, ethanol, and other liquid cargoes. Arcosa Marine also manufactures dry cargo barges, including flat-deck and hopper barges that transport a variety of products, such as grain, coal, and aggregates.

Our Welders get to see the products they’ve built on waterways across the country. As a Senior Welder at Arcosa Marine, you’ll apply appropriate welding processes to join, surface, fabricate, and repair parts of metal or other weldable materials according layouts, work orders, blueprints, schematics, and sketches using manual, auto welding, and/or semi-automatic welding equipment.

What you’ll need:

  • Minimum of 2 years of FCAW weld experience
  • Understand weld layout and processes
  • Ability to read blueprints
  • Satisfactorily pass vertical and overhead fillet welding as well as groove welding tests using manual and semi-automatic welding processes
  • Must demonstrate ability to carbon arc gouge and to use the oxy-fuel cutting process
  • Must be able to inspect own finished welds to meet quality standards
  • Must be able to perform welding work while wearing all required personal protective equipment including, but not limited to, a filtering face piece and/or tight fitting respirator
  • May require working above ground (15 ft or more)
  • Must be able to climb ladders or stairs to reach objects; comfortable with heights
  • May require working in narrow or confined work spaces for extended periods of time
  • May require extensive kneeling, bending, walking and/or standing for long periods of time

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