Seven IRPT Members Were Successful in Securing Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) Funding

IRPT is Excited to Announce That Seven IRPT Members Were Successful in Securing Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) Funding

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced more than $703 million to fund 41 projects in 22 states and one territory that will improve port facilities through the Maritime Administration’s Port Infrastructure Development Program.

We would like you to join us in congratulating the following IRPT Members for their success in securing funding for their worthy projects. As many of you know, a lot of hard work goes into the application process for grant funding, it is so exciting to see the hard work pay off.

We hope these awards encourage IRPT Members to continue pursuing PIDP and other funding opportunities that not only strengthen growth at your facility but also strengthens the inland river system as a whole. You can view the full list of PIDP recipients here.

Helena Harbor Transportation Enhancement Development Project ($6,412,652)
Helena, Arkansas

The Project will fund two components at Helena Harbor: 1) the addition of a water tower to support industrial uses and firefighting systems in the port, which will be built to withstand the seismic impacts of an earthquake in the New Madrid fault area; and 2) the construction of a rail spur connecting parcels on the east side of the port’s Industrial Park to the North American Rail network.

Phase 2 Rail Yard and Rail Corridor Improvement Project ($8,000,000)
Kaskaskia, Illinois | Kaskaskia Regional Port District (KRPD) 

The Project will install two rail tracks to create a rail yard near an existing port terminal. Improvements consist of approximately 6,000 feet of storage tracks, 10 turnouts, and upgrades to 5.3 miles of track to support the movement of bulk cargo in addition to culvert and rail tie replacement.

Western Dock Expansion -- Phase 3B Project ($10,000,000)
Morgan City, Louisiana | Port of Morgan City

The Project funds the expansion of the Port of Morgan City's dock by adding 1.6 acres of concrete laydown area and building an additional 8,880-square-foot wharf-relieving platform structure to support a 440’ x 40’ wharf extension. The Project complements “Phase 3A” that was funded by the port and the State of Louisiana and completes all phases of the port’s “Western Dock Expansion” project.

Port Improvement and Expansion Project ($8,768,800)
Brunswick, Missouri | AgriServices of Brunswick

The Project will upgrade an existing port terminal with a new container dock and related mooring structures, add a new rail spur with a loading pit, and construct a new bulk agricultural supply building with conveyors between the rail and barge dock. The new sheet pile barge dock will provide 200 ft. of frontage for loading and unloading barges. The rail improvement consists of approximately 4,000 ft. of new track that will permit the port to work 36 car unit trains. The 360 ft. by 140 ft. bulk agricultural storage building will replace an existing 40-year-old building and offer enough capacity to manage peak periods of agricultural commodity movements.

Muskogee Waterfront Recovery & Resiliency Project ($23,955,557)
Muskogee, Oklahoma | Port of Muskogee

The Project consists of four components at the Port of Muskogee on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System: 1) reconstruction of the main dock at Oakley Terminal; 2) construction of a new heavy-lift dock; 3) reconstruction of on-dock rail; and 4) construction of a new flexible-use warehouse.

Dock Repair and Renovation Project ($3,937,500)
Harlingen, Texas | Port of Harlingen

The Project will renovate the Port of Harlingen's main dock and related facilities. Work includes repairs to or replacement of the timber fendering system, timber rails, steel sheet pile bulkhead, steel anchor rods that hold the bulkhead in place, deteriorated concrete deck in multiple locations, mooring piles and related structures, and a mechanical winch operator and cable. In addition, the Project will demolish, excavate, dewater, and re-compact critical uplands areas.

Port of Palacios Energy & Resilience Improvement Project ($9,600,000)
Matagorda, Texas

The Project funds the rehabilitation of the bulkhead and vessel berthing areas in Turning Basins 1 and 2, including the repair or replacement of roughly 5,600 feet of bulkhead and installation of approximately 20 vessel-to-shore power stations with multiple outlets to serve several vessels at once. The rehabilitation will make the facilities more resilient to the effects of natural disasters and sea level rise.

View the U.S. Department of Transportation Press Release here.