Shipping and Receiving Coordinator (New Orleans, LA)

Position: Shipping & Receiving Coordinator Reports To: Operations Manager
Department: Operations Status: Fulltime, Non-exempt
Position and Company Overview: Product and industry knowledge, responsiveness, customer care and
energy within DCL’s team has been a cornerstone in DCL’s successful history of consistently exceeding
customer requirements. DCL requires active involvement with its customers and suppliers.
Knowledgeable and trained operations personnel are critical to DCL’s success and its future. DCL’s high
standard of producing quality product and meeting the expectations of our customers reinforces our
high customer retention rates and has placed DCL in favorable positions to secure business and broaden
its customer base.
Primary Objective:
Manage the processes, personnel and equipment necessary to ensure DCL’s customer orders are
organized and accurately prepared, customer deliveries are on-time, inbound product and material are
received and warehoused in a timely, safe and effective manner and DCL’s Shipping/Receiving office is
professional, organized and clean.
Major Areas of Accountability:
▪ Align with the company purpose, culture and vision.
▪ Gather and organize customer orders for delivery on DCL and/or third party trucks.
▪ Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get
along with customers, co-workers, suppliers and management.
▪ Manage the documentation, data entry, and paper flow between sales, operations and the
customer in an accurate and timely manner to ensure the status of inbound and outbound
product is communicated effectively and timely.
▪ Process and organize all aspects of incoming and outgoing shipping and receiving paperwork,
ensuring customer orders are accurate and complete prior to shipping.
▪ Receive inbound product as it arrives including verifying counts, appropriately tagging product
and ensure material is relocated.
▪ Assist with logistics scheduling: schedule the routing and manage the loading of company
delivery trucks and drivers to meet company, customer and supplier delivery and pick-up
▪ Responsible for maintaining an organized, efficient and professional work environment that
reflects our safety standards. Continuously ensure the shipping/receiving office is orderly and
clean in order to maintain a safe and productive work environment.
▪ Order supplies as requested for operations.
▪ Assist the Accounting Department with freight bill discrepancies.
▪ Respond promptly and effectively to company personnel, customer and supplier inquiries.
▪ Serve as an interface between sales, operations, company personnel and vendors to support
product delivery and ensure customer and employee satisfaction.
▪ Work on special projects for the Operations Manager and the management team as necessary.
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Position Qualifications:
▪ High School Diploma, experience in a shipping/receiving capacity. Shipping, receiving,
operations or related industry field experience is preferred.
▪ Possess the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and written, and deal tactfully with
personnel, vendors, customers, and the general public.
▪ Experience and skills in computer usage and technology, including but not limited to Microsoft
Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer.
▪ Excellent time management and organizational skills.
▪ Ability to multi task and handle multiple projects while paying close attention to detail.
▪ Capable of working with a high degree of personal discipline, drive and professionalism.
▪ Positive attitude, strong reasoning ability, decisive and assertive.
▪ Leadership and interpersonal skills and qualities.
▪ Display moral integrity and a desire to continuously learn and grow.
▪ Ability to work within a team environment, take directions, learn and coach.
▪ Pass background check and drug testing before and during employment, with no
▪ Trained & qualified forklift operation.
Physical Requirements:
▪ Sit frequently, stand and walk frequently.
▪ Push, pull and reach above shoulders frequently. Squat, crouch, bend and kneel frequently.
▪ Occasionally lift up to 25 lbs., frequently lift up to 10 lbs.
▪ Use hands for simple and firm grasping and fine manipulation
DCL Mission:
To provide the most safe, effective and economical lifts and connections to marine and industrial
DCL Operating Principles:
1. Safety of life, limb and property is never compromised and is our first priority.
2. Our products and services are made right, the first time.
3. We respect people, equipment and property at all times.
4. Customer service drives all of our actions and is the most important part of our business.
DCL Quality Policy:
a. Understand our customer’s requirements
b. Meet those requirements each and every time and
c. Continuously improve our processes
DCL Value Proposition:
Why customers choose to do business with DCL – DCL Mooring & Rigging provides turnkey solutions
for all your mooring, lifting, and testing needs supported by a deadline-focused sales and service team
whose product knowledge, engineering expertise, flexibility, and attention to detail are best in class.

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