Smithland Locks and Dam – Land Chamber Closure

Notice Number: 206896/2024-007
Date: 05/06/2024 04:00 thru 05/18/2024 04:00

Smithland Locks and Dam (Ohio River Mile 918.5): The Land (1200 ft) Chamber will be closed intermittently from 06 May through 18 May 2024. Work will take place from approximately 0700 CT to 1730 CT each day, and the Land Chamber will reopen to navigation traffic at the conclusion of work each day. The purpose of this closure is for the Heavy Capacity Fleet to perform preparatory work for miter gate repairs scheduled from 19 August through 08 November 2024 (refer to local Notice No. 2024-001). All traffic will pass through the River (1200 ft) Chamber when the Land Chamber is closed.