Smithland Locks and Dam River Chamber Closure OHRM 918.5

Notice Number: 2023-037
Date: 08/08/2023 thru 08/27/2023

Smithland Locks and Dam (Ohio River mile 918.5): The River (1,200 ft) chamber will be closed from 8 August through 29 August 2023 to facilitate repairs to the lock intake screens. All traffic will use the Land (1200 ft) chamber. The closure will intermittently be transferred to the Land (1200 ft) Chamber for loading/offloading equipment. At these times all traffic will be redirected to the River (1200 ft) chamber.

Additionally, both chambers may be closed for up to 3 hours daily to facilitate the diver repairs.

All mariners shall take direction from the lock operators.


Mark Klimaszewski
Deputy Chief, Operations Division