Soo Locks-New Lock Construction Explosive Demolition

Notice Number: 203039/ L23-15
Date: 07/07/2023 09:00 thru 12/31/2023 23:59

1. Explosive demolition for New Lock at the Soo Construction will begin in late July through the remainder of the year on a semiregular basis. There will be a 1000’ exclusion zone from the center of the blast for pleasure craft, tour boat, fisherman, and commercial vessels. There will be a 2000’ exclusion zone for Red Flag vessels, transporting bulk fuel or other hazardous materials. The center of the exclusion radii is approximately 46.5047761°, -084.3491324°.

2. Blasting is permitted to take place Monday through Sunday during daylight hours. All blasting activities will be advanced coordinated with the Lockmaster. Reference the attached graphic depicting exclusion zones. The exclusion zone will go into effect from the time the explosive charges are connected to the detonation system to the time the “All Clear” siren is sounded. These activities will be closely coordinated amongst Soo Locks Operations to minimize impacts.

3. This notice will remain in effect through the remainder of the calendar year.

4. Questions regarding this notice may be directed to the Soo Operations Manager, LeighAnn Ryckeghem at 906-635-3464. Our internet address is:


Chief, Operations & Maintenance