Southwind Construction Corp.

For over 20 years, Southwind Construction has been bringing new life to the American waterways by using innovation and expertise in dredging. Using advanced dredging technology and techniques, Southwind dramatically improves these environments by:

  • Cleaning out lakes and ponds
  • Deepening and maintaining waterways & shipping channels
  • Creating and/or renourishing beaches
  • Dredging industrial ponds
  • Restoring the capacity of reservoirs
  • Reclaiming land
  • Restoring aquatic and wetland habitats
  • Excavating harbors & ports
  • Revitalizing existing marinas & dredging new ones

Southwind can match equipment and pipe line length to deal with many different types of materials, including fly ash, silt, clay, sand, and shell. With miles of pipeline ready to be installed and equipped with a variety of dredges and multiple booster pumps to meet any challenge, Southwind can move onto a project and be ready to work within days.

In addition to dredging, they have the knowledge and experience to handle sand dune restoration, dike construction, artificial reefs, and waste/spoil containment areas.

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Southwind Construction Corp.
Dan Thompson
14649 Highway 41 North, Suite 100
Evansville, Indiana 47725
(812) 867-7220