St.Louis Channel Condition

A quick update especially on recent surveys near St. Louis.

  1. Mile 152.5, Herculaneum: Less than 9-ft left of the sailing line. Much better depth far right of the sailing line. Maybe this can be buoyed, but may eventually need dredging.
  2. Mile 159, Waters Point: Small shoal on sailing line and left of sailing line, 8.4 – 9.0 at LWRP. Better depth right of sailing line.
  3. Mile 166.5, Cliff Cave: Following the sailing line.
  4. Mile 169.2 – 167.5, JB Bridge: A few 9s, but below the JB bride several areas of 8.6 – 9.0 at LWRP.
  5. Mile 172 – 169.2, River Des Peres to JB: Controlling depth 10.2, and narrow at mile 171.5 UMR.
  6. Mile 173, Riverway, Small area of 8.8, otherwise just a little better than 9-ft at LWRP.


Lance Engle
Dredging Project Manager
US Army Corps of Engineers - St Louis District
Office: 314-865-6343
Mobile: 314-952-5197