Sunken Barge LSI-2601 at RM 49.5

Last night’s update for salvage ops at UM49

Good afternoon to all,

Operations throughout the day consisted of digging the high spots in the channel in between mile 49 and 50 over the width of the channel, pulling up small debris of barge framing.

Mid-day today, crew came and scanned previous high spots in channel that were dug on yesterday. Majority of noted areas were gone except for some minor areas missed.

We addressed these areas this afternoon. We will have a couple hours worth of digging to finish those areas tomorrow and then just leaves one final area not addressed yet from first scan in between mile 49 and 49.5.

Should be close to finishing tomorrow afternoon, then crew will be back on Friday to conduct final scan to make sure all high spots in channel have been addressed.

Operations will begin again tomorrow morning 0700 hours.


Ethan Dunning
Independent Marine Surveyor
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