Taylor Machine Works Breaks Ground on New Terberg Facility in Lowndes County MS

More industry is rolling into the Golden Triangle so that means more jobs need to be filled in the near future.

Terberg Taylor Americas will be the first of its kind here in the Golden Triangle and our Winston Reed was there as the automotive group broke ground today.

The Automotive industry plants its flag here in Lowndes County as Terberg Taylor kicks off its groundbreaking ceremony.

“Another Mississippi family can better provide for their kids and their grandkids,” said Governor Tate Reeves.

The joint venture firm, Terberg Taylor Americas Group, LLC is creating a manufacturing facility in Lowndes County in an effort to build, sell, and rent terminal tractors.

It’s a project with a price tag of just under $16 million and brings an automotive presence to the Golden Triangle. A first of its kind.

90 jobs are expected to be created and the average salary is projected to be around $50,000.

“One of the reasons that we’re making announcement after announcement is because they’ve seen the quality of our workforce because they’ve seen the quality of the companies that invest and work here and hire people and continue to grow and expand,” said Godfried Terberg, Chairman of the Board of Royal Terberg Group BV.

The chairman peeks into the future to explain the impact of this move.

“If I think about a decade from now, we now have made a plan to build next year around 750 vehicles and that will grow gradually to over 3,000 to win the next two or three years. If you look at the quality of the product. we believe we can conquer this part of the world in this product line,” said Terberg.

The facility is expected to be up and running by mid-2024.

Terberg Taylor is a joint venture between Royal Terberg of the Netherlands and Taylor Group of Companies out of Louisville.

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