TDOT Permits Specialist (Nashville, TN)

Tennessee Department of Transportation is accepting applications for a TDOT Permits Specialist in Nashville, TN. 


This classification is in the Central Services Division

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This position will be designed as a hybrid work once fully trained.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree.


Graduation from an accredited college with an associate degree and two years of increasingly responsible motor carrier registration, permit related responsibilities, or analytical experience related to determining compliance with state and federal rules, regulations, or related standards.


Education equivalent to graduation from a standard high school and four years of increasingly responsible increasingly responsible motor carrier registration, permit related responsibilities, or analytical experience related to determining compliance with state and federal rules, regulations, or related standards.

Other Requirements

Necessary Special Qualifications: None.
Examination Method: Education and Experience, 100%, for Preferred Service positions.

Job Overview

Summary: Under immediate supervision, is responsible for issuing special permits for the transportation of oversized, overweight and over-length cargo in compliance with the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) and Federal laws.

Distinguishing Features: This is the entry level classification in the TDOT Permits Specialist series that evaluates and issues permits for commercial motor vehicles requiring special permission to utilize Tennessee's highways to transport oversized and overweight articles or commodities that cannot be reasonably dismantled or conveniently transported otherwise. This class differs from the TDOT Permits Supervisor in that an incumbent of the latter performs work of a more difficult nature and supervises employees of this class.

Work Activities

  1. Evaluates oversized and over-weight online permit applications received from clients requesting permission to transport over-weight and over-dimensional cargo for completeness and accuracy and to identify potential issues involving desired routes through Tennessee's highways in a timely manner; issues, or denies permits based on evaluation.
  2. Utilizes state SmartWay, Federal Motor Carrier, and state transportation infrastructure databases to audit permit route details, gross weight descriptions and truck /trailer dimensions, vehicle details, insurance coverage, and fees to ensure compliance with the Tennessee Code Annotated and applicable Federal laws.
  3. Provides critical information to customers such as maps of low clearance bridges and areas inaccessible to the driver upon approval of the permit to ensure safe transport of cargo.
  4. Assists customers by establishing new accounts, updating current accounts, processing payments for permits, answering inquiries relating to registration, licensing, special permit procedures, and fees.
  5. Serves as point of contact between the TDOT Permit office and the motoring public for special permitting needs by communicating with customers and state representatives, trucking companies, third-party permitting companies, federal agencies, and state agencies such as the Tennessee Highway Patrol via telephone and email.
  6. Schedules and coordinates meetings with interested parties to provide relevant information and guidance on permit applications.
  7. Maintains records of Tennessee roadway locations and special conditions, including overpass clearances and posted bridges, construction activities, weight restrictions of permit routes statewide for the purpose of expediting the permitting process, and special notices of any other special conditions pertaining to permit issuance to provide for the safe transport of millions of dollars' worth of commodities, and to protect the health and lives of Tennessee's motoring public.
  8. Assists in the development and implementation of training material, aides and tools for over-weight and over-dimensional loads to ensure compliance with the Tennessee Code Annotated.
  9. Assists in permit audit and training activities with Tennessee Highway Patrol staff stationed at weigh station scale houses to detect violations and issue fines.
  10. Interprets extensive and complicated state and federal laws, rules, and regulations related to the movement of over-sized and over-weight truckloads and permits and related this information to customers
  11. Coordinates with TDOT Bridge engineering staff when needed to verify bridge weight restrictions in accordance with state specifications and ensure safe transportation of cargo.


  1. Decision Quality
  2. Managing Through Systems
  3. Customer focus
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Technical Learning
  6. Time Management
  7. Composure
  8. Informing
  9. Integrity and Trust
  10. Patience


  1. Basic knowledge of customer and personal service principles and best practices
  2. Basic knowledge of computer operation and programs
  3. Basic knowledge of mathematics (arithmetic)
  4. Basic knowledge of clerical processes and procedures.
  5. Basic knowledge of departmental, state, and federal laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of permitting related to transportation services
  6. Transportation


  1. Active Learning
  2. Active Listening
  3. Complex Problem Solving
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Instructing
  6. Reading Comprehension
  7. Service Orientation
  8. Speaking
  9. Time Management
  10. Monitoring


  1. Deductive Reasoning
  2. Oral Expression
  3. Oral Comprehension
  4. Problem Sensitivity
  5. Memorization
  6. Selective Attention
  7. Speech Clarity
  8. Time Sharing

Tools and Equipment Used

  1. Personal Computer
  2. Telephone
  3. Fax Machine
  4. Printer

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