Tentative Maintenance Schedule for 2023

Notice Number: 201731/22-33
Date: 01/01/2023 07:00 thru 09/15/2023

It is anticipated that major maintenance and repairs will be performed at the following locations during calendar year 2023.

This notice may require periodic revision. It is given so that industrial and recreational waterway users may have a general
knowledge of the lock outages and can plan their operations accordingly. Factors which may affect this schedule are the
delivery of materials, repairs required but not anticipated, emergency repairs as a result of accidents, and funding.

To view the schedule please visit the link in the Notice Number.

All interested parties should review the maintenance schedule for impact. Additional notices furnishing specific information and operating requirements for repairs resulting in major delays will be published prior to commencing the work items listed.


Kent C. Browning
Chief, Technical Support Branch