Terral River Service, Inc.

Terral River Service has years of experience on the waterways and knowledge of the industries that use the river system. We can specialize packages for your logistics needs, including loading, unloading, and delivery with any mode of transportation — all the steps from origin to destination.

Not only do we have the necessary line boats and equipment in place on the river, we employ push boat pilots specifically trained to transport river barges and freight on the inland waterways of Louisiana and beyond. We maintain long-standing relationships with large trucking and rail firms, and we offer transportation service to move bulk materials on truck and barge.

Through our river and logistics initiatives, we do everything we can to reduce the damaging emissions that come with land transportation. On the most practical level, barges are a sensible alternative to truck or rail delivery. River freight is safer and more efficient than every form of land transportation. For now and for the future, this industry is a vital part of our nation’s infrastructure.

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Terral River Service, Inc.
Neil Martin, Vice President of Services
10100 Highway 65 South
Lake Providence, LA 71254
(800) 228-1961

Terral River Service owns 45 covered hopper river barges and owns or operates 180 open hopper barges that move bulk material on the inland waterway system of the United States.