Tessa Andres, IRPT earns Maritime Port Executive

Tessa Andres, Administrative Assistant of Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals (IRPT) earns her Maritime Port Executive (MPE) certification from the International Association of Maritime & Port Executives (IAMPE).

Tessa graduated from the University of Mississippi with a bachelors in political science and pre-law. She is an aspiring maritime attorney with an emphasis on transactional law.

During her career at IRPT, Tessa has met with Congressional leaders and their staff on both sides of the Hill, met with USACE leadership at the Pentagon and Maritime Administration. Her passion for advocacy, combined with her devotion to IRPT Members, Tessa manages several initiatives at IRPT for the benefit of IRPT Members, including:

  • Daily Communications via IRPT website, Mobile App, Email and Social Media
  • Navigation Notices and Notice to Mariners
  • Dock Talk Podcast featuring IRPT and IAMPE

The International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE) recently held the Maritime Port Executives (MPE) class March 4-8 in New Orleans. The class, hosted by The Port of New Orleans in New Orleans, LA., was a hybrid coastal and inland structured program, giving students a chance to earn either the MPE or IMPE certification. The Maritime Port Manager (MPM) section was taught by Capt. Jeffrey Monroe, MM, AMPE, CME, while the Maritime Port Executive Program (MPE) section was taught by Dale Murray, AMPE, CME. In addition, the IAMPE presented the Port of New Orleans with an Education Partner Certificate, making them the 29th education partner for the organization. Receiving the certificate was Matt Wypyski, MPE, Chief Operating Officer for the Port of New Orleans.

Graduates of the program received graduate-level academic and continuing education credits by the IAMPE’s Academic partners

The Accredited Maritime Port Executive (AMPE) was awarded to Edward Lee, AMPE – Director of Facilities & Services Management, Port of Greater Baton Rouge.

Earning the Inland Maritime Port Executive (IMPE) was Levi Woods, IMPE -Administrator of Freight and Waterways, Missouri DOT.

Maritime Port Executive certifications were awarded to

  • Chad Larkins, MPE – Engineer 7, Port NOLA;
  • John Guidry, MPE- Engineer 9, Port NOLA;
  • Elizabeth Loniello, MPE – Engineer 5, Port NOLA;
  • Garri Brown, MPE – Chief People & Culture Officer, Port NOLA;
  • Charlene Rollins, MPE – Director of Financial Reporting & Forecasting, Port NOLA;
  • Amy Dawson, MPE – Emergency Management Director, Port NOLA;
  • Sarah McLaughlin Porteous, MPE – Chief of Staff – Port NOLA;
  • Josh Gommel, MPE – Deputy Director Marine Operations, Port NOLA;
  • Michelle Scelson, MPE – General Counsel, Port NOLA;
  • Catherine Falgoust, MPE – Commissioner, Port NOLA;
  • Eric Johnsen, MPE – IT Manager, Port NOLA;
  • Saed Abu Naser, MPE – Account Administrator 5, Port NOLA;
  • Kyle Gilmore, MPE – Director of Real Estate, Port NOLA;
  • LCDR Andrew Cole, MPE – Port State Control/ Inspections Oversight, USCG; CDR
  • Joel Carse, MPE – Deputy Sector Commander – Sector Boston, USCG;
  • LCDR Cameron Cooper, MPE – Prevention Department Head, Sector Key West, USCG;
  • CDR Dale Cressman, MPE – Chief Prevention Department, Sector Miami, USCG;
  • LCDR Brian Dochtermann, MPE- Marine Safety Detachment Officer, USCG;
  • Arona John, MPE – Deputy Managing Director, Gambia Ports Authority; Micah Cormier, MPE – Director of Communications, Port of South Louisiana;
  • Melissa Folse, MPE – Deputy Port Director, Plaquemines Parish; and
  • Tessa Andres, MPE – Administrative Assistant, IRPT.


Earning the Maritime Port Manager was Kate Dennis Spear, MPM – Commissioner, MSPA -Port of Gulfport.

Additionally, Cassia Bomer Galvao, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University at Galveston, is working towards the IAMPE Certified Maritime Educator (CME) certification.