Tonnage Reporting: IRPT Request for Information


Through the historic Memorandum of Common Purpose recently signed by the Institute of Water Resources (U.S. Army Corps) and Inland Rivers, Ports and Terminals (more information below), it is our vision to navigate a path forward through strategic partnerships, such as with the Institute of Water Resources (IWR) for an accurate reporting system with valuable data that shows the truest value of the inland waterway system for freight transportation in order to support adequate, long-term funding.

IRPT will be meeting with IWR and the Navigation and Civil Works Decision Support Center (NDC) on Tuesday, November 13th. This is our first step in identifying improvements to the process, accuracy in reporting and more.

I would like to encourage our Members to bring forth YOUR questions, concerns, etc. by emailing me at

Over the past year, IRPT has been successful in getting roughly 10 inland ports recognized by IWR, which added nearly 12 million tons to the inland waterways.

I am looking forward to addressing your concerns, hearing your ideas on improving the process and sharing the inland ports value to the nation.