Tow Haulage Lock 25

The tow haulage unit on the upstream end at Lock 25 is currently out of operation. Problem is a damaged reducer shaft. May take a week or so to get a new one or hopefully have our Service Base fabricate one. At Lock 24 we have 2 tow haulage units on the upstream end, the upper most used when we have strong winds with empties. Plan is to remove the upper most unit from Lock 24 and take to Lock 25 until we can get a new shaft made. Until then all cuts on the upstream end at L25 will require use of the helper boat. At times, some tows will require a helper boat at L24 also. The helper boats are M/V Gerald Smith (L24) and M/V Wayne B. Smith (L25). Will keep you posted on progress to get the unit moved to L25 and operational, hopefully by tomorrow.


Andrew Schimpf, P.E.
Operations Manager, Rivers Project
Navigation Business Line Manager
(314) 630-6280