traffic management for clamshell – ORM 967-975

Please pass along to your mariners as to the below plan to start off with tomorrow when the digger must be moved for transit. It will take everyone working together and as Shawn Kenney with USACE stated in his introduction we can adjust as needed.

Thanks everyone be safe!

Steve Southern
Ingram Barge Company
AVP Vessel Operations
Paducah Ky. 42003


Here is the plan that we have developed for traffic management when the clamshell has to move out of the way to pass NB traffic at ORM 972.5. This will go into effect tomorrow, 15 November. We can adjust as needed if something doesn’t work smoothly, so please let us know if there are any concerns.

    • Up to 6 SB released by Olmsted at daylight, approximately 0530 CT
    • Clamshell begins work at 0800 CT
    • Up to 6 SB released at 1430 CT
    • Up to 6 NB will begin assembling in a group when SB clear 975, approximately 1830 CT
      • The M/V Lawson Hamilton with the clamshell will manage the northbound queue
      • The group needs to all be lined up and ready at or near 975 before we move the clamshell and call them up
    • Up to 6 NB will be called up by the M/V Lawson when the group is ready, approximately 2030 CT
    • Up to 6 NB group is locked through Olmsted, finishing approximately 2200 CT
    • Up to 6 SB are locked through Olmsted between approximately 2200 CT and 0200 CT, and stage just downstream of the lock awaiting daylight.
      • Olmsted Operators will ask SB to stay off the cells to let NB use the cells. NB need the cells because the approach to the Land Chamber is difficult and they need this to be safe and successful.
    • Up to 6 NB will begin transit the area 0200-0530 CT when clamshell stops working
      • Last NB tow has to be passing 972.5 by 0400 CT


Shawn Kenney, PE, PMP
Chief, Technical Support Branch, Operations Division
USACE, Louisville District
Office: 502-315-6694
Mobile: 502-682-1587