Tugboat Pilot (Keota, OK)

Livestock Nutrition Center is accepting applications for a Tug Boat Pilot in Keota, OK.

Reports to: Location Fulfillment Manager

Position Summary: Livestock Nutrition Center, a leading regional feed manufacturer, is looking for qualified Tugboat Pilot. This is an urgent position to fill. This individual will be responsible for navigation and operation of the towing vessel and associated equipment. The Tugboat Pilot will oversee all crew onboard and is responsible for the safety of all crew and equipment.

To apply, please call Scott Welch (SCOTTW@LNC-ONLINE.COM) or Bob Weatherly (BOB.WEATHERLY@LNC-ONLINE.COM) at 918-208-0029 or by visiting our Career page at https://www.lnc-online.com/careers/.

Responsibilities & Duties:
• Responsible for safety of navigation and operation of the towing vessel and associated equipment.
• Determine if an operation would endanger the vessel or crew. If such is the case, the Tugboat Pilot must ensure that adequate corrective action is taken and must not proceed until it is safe to do so.
• Ensure the vessel is operated safely and efficiently in various weather and river conditions.
• Oversee all vessel operations.
• Monitor and control expenditures for fuel, supplies, harbor service usage, and overtime.
• Adhere to the provisions of the Certificate of Inspection if/when the vessel has been issued one.
• Supervise all persons onboard to carry out their assigned duties.
• Ensure that all crewmembers are properly trained in the use of the firefighting and lifesaving equipment, as well as trained in emergency response procedures for various emergencies that may arise in the marine environment.
• Maintain company, state, and federally required logs, documentation, and checklists.
• Ensure the vessel is properly equipped with all safety, lifesaving, and PPE equipment. Maintain that equipment is kept ready for use and is inspected and checked regularly.
• Ensure all federal, state, and local regulations are strictly adhered to.
• Strictly adhere to safety requirements, policies, and procedures as outlined in the employee manual and safety meetings.

Qualifications and Skills
• Ability to work safely.
• Must be knowledgeable of general operation of the vessel, its systems, safety rules, procedures, and policies.
• Must meet all requirements to maintain a current USCG Mariner License for the area operated, Radar Observer certificates, Medical, and TWIC cards.
• High school diploma or GED required.
• Effective written and verbal communication.
• Ability to work overtime, weekends, and holidays as needed.
• Reliable, regular on-time attendance is required and essential to the operation of the LNC team.
• Ability to regularly lift/move up to 50lbs.
• Can read and speak English.
• Willing to submit to background/drug checks and provide employment references.

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