Notice Number: 23-43
Date: 10/23/2023 thru 10/31/2023

TVA will be performing work on the transmission lines just below Wheeler Dam starting October 23, 2023, and could last up to eight days. Work will take place daily from 0630-1800. There will be four boats in the water approximately 0.5 miles below the line. Three boats will be safety boats with white and yellow flashing lights. One of those boats will have a USCG licensed Master of Towing Vessels so a good line of communication can be maintained between the project and commercial traffic. This vessel will be positioned in the main channel and will have the callsign TVA1. The fourth boat will be a police boat with blue lights to maintain safety of recreation vessels. Its callsign will be TVA2. Both boats will be monitoring channels 13 and 16. TVA does not expect any delay to traffic; however, there could be delays up to 30 minutes. All commercial traffic should contact “TVA1” at least one mile prior to transiting under the line to ensure safe passage


Megan Simpson,
Chief Maintenance Section
Nashville District