TVA Transmission Towers at Trinity TRM 297.6

Notice Number: 206816/24-11
Date: 05/01/2024 15:55 thru 05/01/2025 05:00

TVA will be working on the 8 transmission towers at Trinity, Alabama starting on May 1, 2024, to August 1, 2025, at TRM 297.6. The work is not expected to impact commercial traffic as most of the work will occur outside of the main channel. The work in the main channel is located beside the Nucor Fleet area. Expect there to be barges surrounding the tower while work is ongoing. TVA will have divers in the water for the entire duration of the work. The barges will be spudded down at the tower and have fleet lights on each corner. There will be numerous small support boats transiting the area daily from the TVA dock at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant and from Crawford Campground. TVA Police will have a boat in the water daily to help control recreational boaters' communications with the project will be monitored by the onsite crew that will be monitoring channel 13 and 16 with the call sign "TVA."


Doughtry, Jeremy C