U.S. Army Corps Omaha District: Missouri River Update

U.S. Army Corps Omaha District: Missouri River Update

Below is an update from Dave Sobczyk regarding ongoing work within the Omaha District area of responsibility. Please contact Dave with any questions - david.f.sobczyk@usace.army.mil

Current river levels are about -2 CRP above the Platte River and -1 CRP below the Platte.

*Midwest  construction is wrapping up work in NWK AOR and is schedule to resume rock placement on structures around RM 512 in coming weeks.

*Western continues to make very good progress on its Contracts below Omaha.  They will be taking an extend leave this week through 4july and will resume next week working on structures above Nebraska City.

* Fenton completed the base excavation at Florence Bend (RM 626) to provide min 8x200 ft for Omaha stage of 12ft (-3CRP) and should be complete with the Option 1 work by this weekend that widens the channel to 300 ft.  Thereafter, they will pick up an additional 30,000 CY of excavation within the project limits to mitigate further impacts from the bedrock pinnacles around RM 630.5 before resuming the final/Option 2 work to deepen the channel to its full authorized depth.  This additional work is expected to move Contract completion back to mid November 2022.

*Omaha District is still accepting capability packages from Contractors in advance of 2 structure repair Contracts that are expected to be advertised later next month.