Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Reporting Processes

This Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) updates the UAS reporting process detailed in MSIB Vol XX, Issue 016 and expands UAS reporting to include the entire Marine Transportation System (MTS) within the Captain of the Port (COTP) New Orleans zone. UAS are increasingly being employed for a variety of services on or near commercial vessels and Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulated waterfront facilities. To reduce the frequency of erroneous or unverifiable National Response Center (NRC) reports and to more efficiently employ investigative and law enforcement resources, the Coast Guard urges parties intending to conduct UAS operations in or near the MTS to notify the adjacent facilities and nearby vessels 24 hours in advance of operations along with filling out a Sector New Orleans “24-Hour Advanced Notice of UAS Operation” form at https://forms.osi.apps.mil/r/fNx351BiMa.

CG-5P Policy Letter 08-16 defines suspicious activities as “Observed behavior reasonably indicative of preoperational planning related to terrorism or other criminal activity.” Suspicious UAS activities include any unknown UAS operating in the vicinity of and/or in the airspace directly above the property boundaries of a MTSA regulated waterfront facility or directly above a vessel required to have a Vessel Security Plan under 33 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 104. All representatives of these facilities and/or vessels are required to notify the NRC of any UAS suspicious activities.

If a suspicious UAS lands or impacts the ground and/or physical infrastructure within a “Secure Area” and/or “Restricted Area” of a MTSA regulated waterfront facility, or physically impacts a vessel required to have a Vessel Security Plan under 33 CFR 104, the NRC shall be notified immediately to report a Security Breach as per 33 CFR Part 101.305(b). All approved security plans should be followed.

The public is also encouraged to contact the NRC for any suspicious UAS activities at 1-800-424-8802, or 1-877-24WATCH

For further information, contact:

Coast Guard Sector New Orleans Command Center: (504) 365-2544

Coast Guard Sector New Orleans Facility Compliance Branch: (504) 365-2370

Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Baton Rouge: (225) 298-5400


Captain of the Port New Orleans