Updated Clamshell Dredging Downstream L&D, Ohio River Mile 966-975

Navigation Notice: 205294-1/2023-048
Date: 10/26/2023 14:14 thru 12/08/2023 05:00


Navigation Notice # 2023-048 dated October 24, 2023

Summary of Changes: The Clamshell Dredge is pausing work for the week of Thanksgiving. While the dredge is on standby 19-26 November, southbound traffic will transit Ohio River Mile 966-975 during daylight hours continuously (not in groups), and northbound traffic will transit during nighttime hours or when there is no southbound traffic.

Notice is given that “Amherst” will be performing navigation channel maintenance dredging for the Louisville District US Army Corps of Engineers downstream of Olmsted Locks and Dam (Ohio River Mile 966-975). Approximate dates for this dredging will be 26 October – 08 December 2023. The dredge is pausing work 19-26 November 2023 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Hours of operation will be between 0000 – 0200 and 0800 - 2400 CT each day. During this period, Amherst Mechanical Dredge may be in the navigation channel. Contact the M/V Lawson W. Hamilton, Jr. for passing instructions on marine channel 13. Once contact has been made with the M/V Lawson W. Hamilton, Jr., proceed at the slowest safe speed.

The contractor’s floating plant will consist of two crane barge, four jumbo flat barges, and the M/V Lawson W. Hamilton, Jr., and M/V Bus Brown. The M/V Lawson W. Hamilton, Jr., and M/V Bus Brown will be monitoring marine channel 13. Vessel operators should exercise caution when transiting the area.


Kenney, Shawn M, Chief, Technical Support Branch