Upper Midwest Drought Impacting Missouri River Navigation Season


News Dakota.com/Ag Central News: July 2, 2021 (full link below)


NAFB – The Missouri River Water Management Division will reduce navigation flow support for the second half of the navigation flow support season.


Drought conditions continue in the upper Missouri River basin, where river flows are managed by a series of lakes and dams. Downstream, this means reduced flows coming from Gavins Point dam near Yankton, South Dakota, lowering the flow of river navigation channels. Reducing navigation support is a necessary water conservation measure to ensure continued service to all stakeholders for the short- and long-term. The decrease in stage due to the reduced flow support will be less than half a foot. Actual stages will depend on the amount, timing, and location of tributary inflow below Gavins Point dam.


Per the July 1 System storage check, and as outlined in the Missouri River Mainstem Reservoir System Master Water Control Manual, the service level to support navigation will be reduced 1,500 cubic feet per second from full-service levels.