Upper Mississippi: RIAC – Lock 24 Delays

RIAC - Lock 24 Delays 

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Sent: Mon 4/25/2022 12:52 PM

Wayne B Smith was able to move the barges above the upper miter gates, going to turn chamber around for the M/V Kelly Lee so he can couple back up and head north.


Ryan Lee
Lockmaster L/D 24
573 242 3524



Sent: Monday, April 25, 2022 11:59 AM

This morning around 0745 the MV Kelly Lee, NB, struck the lower protection cell and broke several face wires. The tow was put back together but at this time several barges are “stuck” on the upper sill as they attempted to exist the lock.  At first we thought our tow haulage unit was experiencing problems as it kept tripping out. However, the tug from Wayne B Smith was unable to move the barges off the sill. This is the upper sill and we are at open river, so there should be enough water. They suspect the barges are carrying drift under them. Plan is to take the tow apart and move the barges above the lock one at a time. Right now we have 2NB and 2SB in the queue. Hopefully this will only be a couple hours. Will update as soon as information is available.


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