Upper Mississippi: RIAC STL District Channel Surveys Mel Price pool – MP drawdown, Rise forecasted for STL

RIAC STL District Channel Surveys Mel Price Pool – MP drawdown, Rise forecasted for STL

Sent: Wed 6/1/2022 5:12 PM

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Mel Price pool surveys attached, summarized by Lance at the bottom of this email. Note the depths shown on the surveys are what they would be at minimum pool ( Grafton 14.2 )

203E2722_Pre Dredge_24x36

207E2722_Pre Dredge_24x36

217E2622_Pre Dredge_24x36

274E2822_Pre Dredge_24x36


As shown in this forecast ( https://www.mvs-wc.usace.army.mil/trans/MvsOperatingForecast.html ) Mel Price's upper pool will continue to be in drawdown (413.5 elevation, 18.2 stage) for next few days, then go to open river for about 4-5 days (while Grafton is above 17), then could be back at drawdown for a while again.

Mel Price’s upper pool has been in drawdown pretty much continuously since 14MAY.


In STL, we’re getting a shot of water and drift from the Missouri this weekend, along with the small bump from the UMR above STL


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Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Surveys have come in for mile 203, 207, 217 and 274. These are the preliminary results.

Mile 203 is ok, generally 11s left on the sailing line and good depth to the right of the sailing line.

Mile 207 to 208 is 400-ft wide. Controlling depth is 9.8-ft at minimum pool. We have never dredged in here, so kind of surprising to see some 10-ft depths, but we will keep an eye on it.

Mile 217, is just over 300-ft wide and a small area of 9.0 at minimum pool (Grafton 14.2). We don't usually get to 14.2 at Grafton and Water Control is aware of this location.

Mile 274, need to watch the green buoy line. My buoy overlay file shows a green buoy above Holcim harbor, mile 274.7, which appears to be missing. A shoal of 8-ft depth at minimum pool exist 80-ft right of the sailing line. Recommend southbound tows favor left of the sailing line until past the harbor.

I have copied USCG, I think it would be appropriate to issue a BNM for shoaling at mile 274.7 UMR.

Lance Engel