Upper Mississippi: RIAC – BNM for Safety Zone UMR MM 49 – MM 50 12 barge tows max

RIAC: BNM for Safety Zone UMR MM 49 - MM 50 12 barge tows max


Sent: Sunday, May 8, 2022, 8:35 PM


We are limited to 12 barge tows right now at UM49.5  below Cape due to a breakaway cement  barge that is overturned and partially sunk about  about 265 feet off the RDB.

I’ll send a note out for a RIAC call tomorrow morning, wag 1000,  after getting the latest assessment.

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Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2022, 5:57 PM

THE U. S. COAST GUARD Captain of the Port Sector OHIO VALLEY HAS Established an Emergency Safety Zone on the Upper MISSISSIPPI RIVER FROM MM 49 TO MM 50 effective immediately on MAY 8 2022 due to a partially sunken cement barge on the right descending bank at Mile marker 49.5 ON THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER. This Safety Zone will remain in effect until the barge can be successfully recovered. All tows will be restricted to no more than 12 barges, no greater than 03 wide through this area. When transiting mariners should contact the on scene tug JAMES K ELLIS via Channel 16 to make passing arrangements. All Mariners shall proceed with extreme caution and shall not pass, overtake or meet in this area.


MST2 Dylan Caikowski
United States Coast Guard