USCG: Closure Times for The Mississippi River at MM-189.5 for October 29 & 30, 2022

The times for the Mississippi River closures at MM-189.5 AHOP, scheduled for 29 & 30 Oct 22 has now been extended. They will now be 1900-1000. All northbound and southbound traffic will remain in place until contacted by Vessel Traffic Service New Orleans, at 1000 on Sunday 30 Oct and Monday 31 Oct 22 re-opening the river. The following requirements are in place:

All Downbound traffic shall check-in with VTS at MM 205 via land line at (504) 365-2512.

All Upbound traffic shall check in with VTS at Sunshine bridge on VHF 5A.

VTS LMR will still monitor VHF Ch. 5A for the duration of the closure and conduct regular check-ins for 81 Mile Point Area on Ch. 5A.

When the river is closed, the VTS Closure operator will maintain the southbound/northbound queue list and monitor VHF 67 to ensure traffic is making safe passing arrangements.

When the river re-opens, the VTS Closure operator will work with the VTS 81-mile point operator to de-conflict traffic, and then contact vessels via phone or VHF radio to clear the southbound and northbound queues.

Tows (>20 barges) should be mindful of limited safe mooring areas South of the I-10 bridge during closure periods.

For further information, contact VTS Lower Mississippi River on CH-5a or via land line at (504)365-2512.


Watch Supervisor
U.S. Coast Guard
Vessel Traffic Service Lower Mississippi River
200 Hendee Street, Suite 300
New Orleans, LA 70114