USCG: Ohio River (High Water Conditions)

The U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port has issued a safety advisory due to high water conditions in the vicinity of Markland Lock and Dam, Mile Marker 531.5 Ohio River.

  • Mariners are advised to exercise caution due to the hazardous conditions associated with strong currents, increased drift, and severe outdrafts.
  • Mariners are advised to consider horsepower capability and tow size.
  • Fleet operators should regularly check their fleets and immediately report barge break-aways to the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • If not preparing or completely locking, Mariners are requested to leave the mooring cells immediately upriver of the locking chamber on the left descending bank open for the next vessel in the lock queue to allow them a better position to approach the lock.

For questions regarding this broadcast contact Markland Lock at (859) 567-7661 or CG Sector Ohio Valley at (800) 253-7465.