Vessel Captain – Linehaul (Paducah, KY; St. Rose, LA)


Marquette Transportation Company is accepting applications for a Vessel Captain - Linehaul (Paducah, KY; St. Rose, LA)



Principal Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the safe and efficient operation and performance of his crew, vessel, and tow.
  • The Captain/pilot must also strive to see that company policy, rules, and regulations are followed.
  • Must report to the office all violations of policy or violations of federal, state, or local laws.
  • Conducting monthly drills and safety meetings in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that work completed in accordance with Company safety policies and practices.
  • Ensure all crew members on vessel receive instruction on how to do jobs properly and monitor performance.
  • Carry out all duties assigned under the Vessel Security Plan as the designated vessel security officer.
  • Ensure that each crew member knows the cargo of each barge in tow and has an understanding of any hazards associated with said cargoes.
  • Enforce all Company policies and vessel specific guidelines in support of the Crew Endurance Management System onboard all vessels.
  • Participate in crew management, performance evaluation, general supervisory duties and management of the vessel’s budget.
  • Complete required log entries.
  • Maintain radio watch as required.
  • Report Certain Dangerous Cargoes (CDC) barges at pick-up, drop-off, and designated mile points to the Inland River Vessel Movement Center.
  • Enforce all rules.
  • Give assignments and direction to the mate and/or lead deckhand.
  • Comply with all established vessel management policies and procedures.
  • Maintain the vessel budget and help maximize cost efficiency as directed.
  • Provide instructions and information to crew members, land-based personnel, and USCG or lock personnel.


  • Retain a USCG Master of Towing Vessels license endorsed for service.
  • Able to work 28/14 or 28/28 schedule.
  • Meet USCG physical examination requirements.
  • Be able to travel to and from vessel/training locations via air or car travel.
  • Maintain an active TWIC.

Marquette offers great pay, health, dental & vision insurance, 401K match, holiday pay, company paid life insurance, travel reimbursement, short and long-term disability and other incentives. 

Marquette Transportation Company is one of the nation’s largest providers of marine transportation services, having combined three leading family-owned businesses under one banner. Unlike most integrated barge lines, we offer a strategic mix of vessels along many waterways

Marquette Transportation Company is an equal opportunity employer.


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