Vessel Operations: Gaillard Island

Notice Number: 24-14
Date: 01/29/2024

Blade Construction will commence pumping dredge material from hopper barges to Gaillard Island on or about January 29, 2023. Tugs, Normond McAllister and Gary Fit, will be assisting in the operation. They will be located on the south side of the island close to the east end. There will be a spudded deck barge with one hopper barge spotted on each side on the north side of the Theodore Ship Channel outside the channel. Vessel operations and pumping activities should be completed by late March.

Mariners should exercise extreme caution when transiting these areas.

Please contact Colin Uter at (251) 752-1818 or Trey Fredriksen at (251) 599-5906 with Blade Construction for additional information.


Herbert M. Bullock
Chief, Navigation Section