VTS LMR-Bridge Allision/Sunken Barge MM 232.9 Baton Rouge Harbor

VTS LMR has received a report of a sunken barge at MM 232.9 AHOP in the Baton Rouge Harbor as a result of an allision with the HWY 190 Huey P. Long Bridge. The Rock Barge is reported sunk in posn 30-29.607N 091-11.894W  IVO MM 232.9, approx 885ft off the RDB in 40ft of water.

As a result of the allision the Lower Mississippi River is closed to all traffic from MM 232.5 to MM 233.5 until further notice.

For more information contact Marine Safety Unit Baton Rouge at 225-281-4788 or VTS LMR at 504-365-2514.


Supervisor, VTS LMR