Walla Walla District Fall Spill Operations

Notice Number: 201391/23-01
Date: 10/11/2022 12:00 thru 11/15/2022 11:00

Effective immediately, all Snake River dams, and the McNary Lock and Dam, will spill for adult steelhead in accordance with the 2022 Fish Operations Plan through 15 November 2022 using each dam’s removable spillway weir. The Fish Operations Plan is posted on the following website: http://pweb.crohms.org/tmt/documents/fpp/2022/.

Facilities affected: McNary Lock & Dam (Columbia River mile 292); Ice Harbor Lock & Dam (SN River mile 9.7); Lower Monumental Lock & Dam (SN River mile 41.6); Little Goose Lock & Dam (SN River mile 70.3); and Lower Granite Lock & Dam (SN River mile 107.3).

At McNary, Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental, and Little Goose, this spill will occur Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 0500 to 0700 and 0900 to 1100 each morning. The exception will be that spill will not occur Sunday 30 October, but will instead occur on Monday 31 October. Also, spill will occur Tuesday 15 November.

At Lower Granite, spill will occur six days per week, Sunday through Friday of each week, from 0600 to 0800 each morning No spill will occur on Saturdays. The exception will be that no spill will occur on Sunday 13 November or Tuesday 15 November.

Due to these spill operations, river navigators may experience strong currents and eddies in the dam tailraces. Also, operational needs may require that spill be shut down during the hours noted above. Therefore, river navigators should initiate communication with lock and dam shift operators no later than 30 minutes prior to arriving at the lock to ascertain current spill conditions. Lock operators may be contacted on VHF channel 14 or by phone as follows:

McNary Operator at (541) 922-2231. Call Sign WUJ41 McNary.

Ice Harbor Operator at (509)-543-3231. Call Sign WUJ42 Ice Harbor.

Lower Monumental Operator at (509) 282-7231. Call Sign WUJ43 Lower Monumental.

Little Goose Operator at (509) 399-2233 x231. Call Sign WUJ44 Little Goose.

Lower Granite Operator at (509) 843-2231. Call Sign WUJ45 Lower Granite.

Navigators are encouraged to contact dam operators and report any unsafe navigation conditions. For additional information contact the NWW Operations Division at (509) 527-7364.


Deputy Chief, Operations Division
Walla Walla District