Walla Walla District Winter Recreational Lockage Schedule

Notice Number: 201263/22-24

Date: 09/17/2022 17:00 thru 05/14/2023 17:00

Winter recreational vessel lockages will be made during daylight hours only, on request, at each of the Walla Walla District locks beginning September 17, 2022 and continuing through May 14, 2023.  Facilities affected are:

McNary Lock and Dam                                                  Columbia River Mile 292

Ice Harbor Lock and Dam                                             Snake River Mile 9.7

Lower Monumental Lock and Dam                              Snake River Mile 41.6

Little Goose Lock and Dam                                           Snake River Mile 70.3

Lower Granite Lock and Dam                                        Snake River Mile 107.5

During this period, commercial vessels will have lockage priority over recreational vessels. At the discretion of the lock operator, recreational vessels may be allowed to lock through with commercial vessels.


Walla Walla District requests that recreational vessels contact the navigation lock control room at least 30 minutes prior to their arrival at the lock.  Vessel owner/operators requesting lockage shall contact the lock operator on duty using Marine Channel 14 or commercial telephone.  This will allow the control room to prepare for their transit and will provide vessel operators with general timeframes for their lockages. Control room contact information is listed below.


McNary Lock and Dam                                    Chief Operator on Duty      541-922-2231              Call Sign WUJ41

Ice Harbor Lock and Dam                               Senior Operator on Duty     509-543-3231              Call Sign WUJ42

Lower Monumental Lock and Dam               Senior Operator on Duty     509-282-7231            Call Sign WUJ43

Little Goose Lock and Dam                           Senior Operator on Duty     509-399-2233 x231     Call Sign WUJ44

Lower Granite Lock and Dam                        Senior Operator on Duty     509-843-2231            Call Sign WUJ45

All vessel owner/operators lock through at their own risk. Everyone in the vessel must be wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) during lockage. Follow the directions of the lock operator when using the locks or when operating in the vicinity of the locks. The lock operator has final authority on the suitability of a craft for lockage. Please refer to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safe Lockage Policy for Recreational Craft on the Columbia and Snake Rivers, published separately, for other safety requirements.

For additional information on recreational vessel schedules, please visit the web site at: https://www.nww.usace.army.mil/Missions/Navigation/ or contact Operations Division at (509) 527-7364.



Paul A. Ocker
Chief, Operations Division
Walla Walla District