Weir Degradation (Contact Boat Update) UMR Mile 57.8 to 55.8

Notice Number: 201482-4
Date: 10/31/2022 07:00 thru UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

USACE contractor, Luhr Brothers, will mobilize and start weir degradation at the Picayune Weir field, from mile 57.8 to mile 55.8 UMR, on 31 October 2022. Work will be performed daily from 0700 to 1700 hours until further notice.

The contact boat for this work has been changed to the M/V Jason Luhr, effective 14 November 2022. The M/V Jason Luhr can be reached on Marine Channel 13,16, 72, or phone number 573-803-7930.

No river closures are scheduled, but minor delays may occur. Transiting tows are requested to call the contact boat in advance to make passing arrangement. Southbound tows are requested to make contact, when at Teatable Light, mile 69 UMR, and northbound tows when at Grays Point, mile 47 UMR.




Andrew C. Schimpf, P.E.
Rivers Project Manager